Parkview partners with parents in moving students toward their God given potential - an inner calling that reflects the young person's unique temperament and background, gifts and talents, dreams and aspirations...


Parkview Christian School exists to partner with parents in moving students toward their God given potential through biblical instruction, character accountability, challenging curriculum and appropriate co-curricular opportunities. Each student's God given potential is akin to an inner calling and reflects his or her temperament, gifts, natural talents, dreams, aspirations and background and traditions.

At Parkview we believe that character development is the foundation of and the means to a student discovering his or her potential. People do not automatically develop good character. Students must be nurtured for them to engage in moral decision-making and godly conduct. When academic and co-curricular achievement become a means of realizing their dreams, of developing their full potential, students become serious, even passionate about school.

We are located at 4400 North 1st Street, Lincoln, NE  68521.  Please call us for a tour today at 402-474-5820.



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